Frequently asked questions about solo travel

From hand-holding to early booking, four leading solo travel experts provide tips on safety, destinations, single supplements and travelling in a group

It seems obvious but even the most well-seasoned traveller is going to be more nervous about taking a holiday on their own than they would in a group. Solo clients will ask more questions, read more of your literature and generally need a little bit more hand-holding. We’ve picked four specific areas – safety, destinations, travelling in a group and single supplements – and asked four solo travel experts to help you with advice to help secure that all important sale. 

ABTA on talking to your customers about safety

“People travelling alone are likely to feel more vulnerable about their personal safety, so it’s important to have an open conversation with customers. One way to do this is to encourage them to check the Foreign and Commonwealth Office’s travel advice online pages before a trip abroad and set up an email alert for the destinations they are visiting so they can be aware of any updates.”  

Victoria Bacon, director of brand and business development


Collette on destinations for solo travellers

“Solo guests are no different to those who travel in a couple or larger group – although they will need a little bit more hand-holding during the booking stage. Some
want exotic destinations, such as Vietnam, Japan, Africa and the South Pacific, while others want destinations closer to home, such as Europe. The main thing is to do your research and be prepared to put in more time to secure the booking.”

Jaclyn Leibl-Cote, executive vice president of product and tour management  


Saga on single supplements

“Single supplements can be an emotive subject, and in response to increasing customer demand, we at Saga always ensure we have a wide range of holidays with specially negotiated single availability, as well as an increased number of solo-only tours. However, single availability is always popular so to get the widest selection of options it’s really important to get in and book early.” 

Iain Powell, head of trade sales


Intrepid on travelling in a group 

“Travellers on a group tour can relax and truly immerse themselves in the destination knowing that everything is taken care of. With local leaders, their expert knowledge means people will visit places that they would never normally see travelling independently. Finally, group travel offers the chance to meet other like-minded travellers, forging new friendships that will last a lifetime.”

Aaron Hocking, regional director EMEA 

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